Computer Vision AI for Rapid Damage Assessment

Named for the native Hawaiian Hawk, ‘ioView (‘io, pronounced “ee-oh”) is an end-to-end disaster assessment platform that augments the capabilities of recovery crews in the wake of manmade and natural disasters. After a disaster, every minute counts and each moment without vitals services, such as power puts the health and safety of the hardest hit more at risk.

‘ioView ingests imagery or video data taken after disasters and identifies damaged versus intact infrastructure quickly and over large areas. That assessment data is then used to position or redirect recovery personnel and resources to the most critical areas, saving time, effort, and potentially lives.

The ‘ioView can automates the labor-intensive, time-consuming manual evaluation methods allowing for crews to focus in on hardest-hit areas. The platform is flexible and allows for human interaction, cross checking of data, and manual/mobile app data entry – all in the effort to augment the capabilities of recovery crews and those directing resources.

With ‘ioView acting in real-time support, human crews can much more efficiently allocate resources and position personnel, getting communities on the road to recovery sooner.

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Storm damaged electric lines
ioView for rapid damage assessment