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Get to know the technologies that the OTV team is developing and deploying around the world

Ibis Networks

Ibis Networks is a leader in energy management solutions for commercial enterprise. InteliSockets™ are patented wireless mesh devices that retrofit on electrical outlets and create an encrypted network of secure, real-time monitoring, AI-powered, remote control devices plugged into the network.

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Hoana Medical

Hoana Medical is an Oceanit spin-off, revolutionizing sensing systems for physiological monitoring. Hoana’s systems monitor heart rate and variability along with respiratory rate via non-invasive sensors. The patented sensor system reports on the physical health and emotional state of the person being monitored.

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Nanopoint Inc. was spun-off to revolutionize cancer research by enabling live cell imaging at nanometer resolution. Nanopoint developed unique experimentation systems – its microfluidics platform enabled multi-day experimentation in a controlled environment to provide greater precision, repeatability, and efficiency.

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‘ioView a computer vision AI for rapid damage assessment. The AI reviews image or video data captured after disasters to identify damage versus intact infrastructure – quickly, over large areas. Processed data is used to position personnel and resources to the most critical areas, saving time, effort, and potentially lives.

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EverPel is an omniphobic surface treatment that imparts valuable functional properties to masonry, ceramic, metallic, and other substrates. EverPel is both hydro- and oleo-phobic and can protect treated surfaces in corrosive environments, high-pressure/temperature conditions, and under adverse weather exposure.

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HeatX is a revolutionary fouling & corrosion-preventing surface treatment, specifically developed for heat exchangers and condensers. It is optimized for performance under extreme conditions while remaining non-insular. HeatX reduces maintenance and downtime-costs for heat exchangers by repelling biofouling and preserving heat transfer efficiency.

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DragX is an in-situ friction-reducing surface treatment for pipeline rehabilitation.  DragX is effective in pipelines at a fraction of the thickness of conventional epoxy coatings, while reducing pipe wall friction, preventing corrosion, and repelling adhesion & deposition of unwanted debris and impurities.

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FoulX Oceanit Tech Ventures

FoulX is an ecologically-friendly bottom coat for vessels of all shapes and sizes. Water-based, with no VOCs, no heavy metals, and no biocides, FoulX repels and releases biofouling in both fresh and saltwater environments. The nano-structure of FoulX allows fouling to fall away from hull surfaces with extreme ease.

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BlastNinja is a state-of-the-art abrasive blasting nozzle that reduces noise output  while maintaining abrasive strength. The Blast Ninja nozzles wer developed to solve a series of challenges that have impacted the health, safety, and happiness of industrial workers who regularly encounter high-decibel noise levels throughout their day.



In collaboration with Shell, Oceanit developed SCIN: an advanced nanotechnology treatment that chemically modifies the surface of steel to achieve superior interfacial bond strength between steel and cement. SCIN creates a hydrophilic, water-loving, surface which build this superior uniform steel-cement bond.

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AeroPel is an advanced, icephobic surface treatment that actively prevents ice nucleation and reduces ice adhesion strength by orders of magnitude below any other available icephobic coatings. AeroPel also protects the treated substrate from atmospheric and galvanic corrosion in harsh environments such as humid and marine regions.

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ULTRA, Underwater Transmission and Reception Application, is a revolutionary laser communication system for high band-width, subsea IoT. Using point-to-point, tight-beam lasers to enable high-bandwidth wireless communications, we are enabling gigabit bandwidth communications and real-time monitoring of wide-band data.

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