FoulX Topcoat

Non-Toxic Topcoat For Ultra-Slick, Omniphobic Biofouling Repulsion

FoulX is a non-biocidal way to prevent the adhesion of biofouling on the hulls of vessels of all sizes. The water-based, non-VOC, and non-toxic nanotechnology behind FoulX creates an ultra-slick, omniphobic (water- & oil-repelling) surface which releases biofouling when a boat is traveling at speed.

FoulX is a single polymer coating, not a complex multi-formula system like many found in todays harbors.  In addition, the fact that FoulX is non-biocidal and non-toxic means that boat owners won’t be leaching heavy metals into the ecosystems of our oceans. FoulX requires minimal surface preparation, cures rapidly in under two hours to create this extremely low-friction surface. The slick surface has a very low surface energy which, when moving through the water, sloughs off any biofouling on the hull from microorganisms or macros organisms.

Fouling is one of the main causes of drag for boats moving through the water. Any biological fouling on a ship’s hull interferes with its hydrodynamics and results in reduced speeds, increased fuel burn rates, and greater cost. A boat moving at cruising speed with a fouled hull can burn up to 18% more fuel than a boat with a clean hull, just to maintain an equal cruise speed. In the shipping logistics industry, 50% of operator costs can be attributed to fuel prices, which means that fouling is a critical issue.

Traditional fouling-prevention methods focus on two practices: killing the fouling-causing organisms or repelling them. Biocides are chemical treatments which deter biological growth by killing the microorganisms responsible for biofouling. Typically, the microorganisms create what is know as a ‘biofilm’ which then allows larger creatures to attach, such as barnacles. The toxicity of biocides make them non-environmentally friendly due to heavy metal leaching and/or the release of toxins that can harm many marine organisms.

Solutions that are non-biocidal and that work to prevent fouling from adhering to a boat’s hull or submerged surfaces have existed for several years now. FoulX falls into this category, but solutions aside from FoulX often are complicated, multi-formula, multi-coat processes which make them time-consuming, complex, and inconvenient to apply.

FoulX is the best of both worlds: ecologically responsible and simple-to-use. It cures in just hours and is water-based and non-toxic to both the applicator and marine life.