EverPel Surface Treatment

Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Polymeric Protection Against Corrosion

EverPel is a nanocomposite surface treatment consisting of a corrosion-resistant passivating layer and omniphobic, low-friction top layer. When applied to surfaces, EverPel’s chemically-resistant structure has the dual effect of arresting existing corrosion as well as preventing further atmospheric or galvanic corrosion.

EverPel’s omniphobic properties provide superior tribological properties including wear resistance, chemical resistance, and water- and oil-repellency. It does this all while being a ecologically friendly substance: water-based, non-VOC containing, non-biocidal, and non-toxic after curing.

Unlike traditional corrosion-prevention solutions such as paints or epoxies, EverPel has a long pot life and cures in well under 72 hours. In ambient temperatures, it dries in just two hours. The strong substrate adherence and wide operating temperatures (up to 400°F) make EverPel ideal for customizable uses and diverse application methods including painting, spraying, dipping, and so on.

The EverPel family of surface treatments are suitable for a wide range of applications such as storage tanks, logistics, metallic infrastructure, rail cars and lines, and much more.

EverPel has been rigorously tested with a wide variety of local, federal, and private industry partners in a diverse set verticals including defense, aerospace, marine, energy, oil & gas, and more.

EverPel consistently demonstrates high performance in varying deployment conditions. It can be adapted to specific industries and use cases and Oceanit often co-develops variants for our partners which can be tuned for application to various substrates, for differing methods of application, and variable climate and atmospheric conditions.

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EverPel is a omniphobic surface treatment