DragX Surface Treatment

Nanocomposite Surface Treatment System for Pipeline Integrity

DragX is a novel surface treatment system for pipeline integrity. which utilizes nanocomposite technology to create a low-friction internal pipe surface to provide flow assurance.

DragX creates an omniphobic (oil- and water-repelling) internal surface to prevent adhesion of debris like asphaltenes, wax, black powder, and hydrates. The passivating layer can be applied at just 2mil thickness.  It lowers operational, maintenance, and repair costs, as well as reducing required pumping power and eliminating the need for costly DRAs.

DragX is applied via standard pigging methods and cures within hours. Buildup or blockage from a variety of common sources such as scale, paraffin, asphaltenes, and hydrates leads to extremely expensive problems that go beyond the cost of lost production. Losses related to downtime, repairs, and replacement of damaged pipe can quickly diminish a pipeline system’s profitability.

DragX creates an extremely thin, omniphobic passivating layer that repels adhesion of debris and mitigates corrosion along pipe walls. Contact us to learn how DragX can help to proactively reduce risks, rehabilitate damaged pipelines, and keep your production and profits flowing.

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