AeroPel Icephobic Coating

Advanced Anti-Icing Coating for Composite Substrates

Oceanit’s AeroPel is an advanced coating technology designed to repel water, prevent ice nucleation, and minimize snow accumulation on metal, glass and composite surfaces. AeroPel is suitable for interior/exterior use in extreme temperature conditions and is stable under extreme UV and ozone exposure.

Oceanit’s AeroPel coating imparts extreme levels of super-hydrophobicity through a proprietary, nanomaterial-based composite coating, which provides unparalleled water and ice repulsion. In tests conducted by the United States Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL), AeroPel was shown to reduce ice adhesion strength by several orders of magnitude, below any other commercially available coating.

AeroPel is stable and functional in environments from -60 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and on complex geometries/components. The contact angle of water with AeroPel is >160° in tests on glass, aluminum and copper alloys (compared with approx. 80° on untreated substrates). Most vitally, ice adhesion strength on substrates treated with AeroPel is <10kPa, compared to uncoated aluminum ice adhesion which is >1200kPa.

AeroPel on heat exchangers has been shown to drastically minimize ice accretion, improve heat transfer and boost overall efficiency. By repelling water, AeroPel also bestows exceptional protection against marine and atmospheric corrosion. Additional of an AeroPel top coat has been demonstrated to reduce atmospheric and galvanic corrosion on commercial passenger aircraft and provide significant savings on aircraft maintenance.

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AeroPel icephobic coating water droplets
Ice adhesion strength chart
Receding Angle of AeroPel